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At last we're close to finishing the game, it's still a couple of months ahead, but closer than ever. Meanwhile you can join us on discord: https://discord.gg/fZ6ptff4Nq

Immerse yourself into unstable reality.

In order to get out you must exploit glitch in a world around you.
You can be sure of one thing, any rules you known no longer exist!!
Do you have a courage to dip in it?

The Glitchphobia  was created in one week during Epic MegaJam 2018. Currently it's a showcase of it's full potential. As you read it, we are already in a process of making a full-fledged title out of it. 

All yours feedback and support means a lot to us! You can also follow us on Twitter  to be up to date with the full version of the Glitchphobia . 

ApplyDamage team members:

  • Krystian Komisarek - Code
  • Łukasz Purcelewski - Code
  • Jakub Janik - Animation
  • Justyna Leszczyńska "Kiao" - Art


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ApplyDamage_Glitchphobia.zip 221 MB


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good but short


for some reason it won't launch



if the game is about glitches i think that means it could be working

hey mate, you wrote "If they ever include a warning I will change this to five stars" for Shelter.

There was a warning the first time you start the game and you forgot.

not really the best place to tell me this but I'll explain myself anyway. I played the game a couple months ago and I was just going through games I've played leaving reviews. When I was talking about a warning I wasn't talking about the nsfw content or anything like that, I was talking about the sudden shift to gruesome horror that occurs near the end. The plot somewhat foreshadows it I guess but I feel like having something there is warranted given how different it is from the tone of the rest of the game and how easy it was to be lulled into a false sense of security. There might have been something added after I played, I plan on revisiting it soon and I'll update my review after that

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There was warning about gore the first time you start the game and you forgot and got taken by surprise because that warning appears only once. You may call it "insufficient" but it was there and you were forced to read it to start playing.

Also yes this was the best to tell you this because I can't reply to ratings lol


Maybe I'm just being a special snowflake or something but I got taken by surprise because I actually sat down and played through the game for the first time a few weeks after I had first started it and I completely forgot about the warning. To be fair, a lot of what made me give the rating I gave was because I was going through a really rough series of events at the time and I was playing through the game expecting something that would help me keep my mind off of it, but I guess I tricked myself into downward spiraling by forgetting about the warning. After I finish playing through shelter again I'll definitely update my rating to at least 4 stars.

i still love the game though, playing through it again right now and I really love the new content, and the contrast in the story is a little less severe than I remembered. I also for some reason didn't understand the barkest corner achievement things or that the choices you've made are shown in red (maybe that was added in later?) until now so it's a lot easier to figure out what to do and I finally realized that I have to replay and unlock stuff and I wasn't just tricked into playing a game with only horrible endings

So cool! Been waiting for a game like this .

friggen adore this demo! I want the full game! WHEN AND WHERE PLEASE! <3

The game doesn't end.. it's weird

Really cool idea but Id like to listen other sound apart my feet like water ecc. It can be cause headache I think... and maybe you should make some menu screen

Loved the demo, looking forward to the full game! 


My eyes are so confused ;-;

Nice, but small. The dark room was kinda hard, but fun! Thanks for sharing. <3

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experience a abstraction of vision distorting boundary breaking rotating glitched scenery!

i mean 64

can you please make a 32 bit?


I know this game is a bit older but I just happened upon it. It was well worth the couple dollars! A lot of fun. It's one of those games that allows you to just start playing right away after you install the game & engine.


This is just a demo right? I feel like I'm missing something

"The Glitchphobia  was created in one week during Epic MegaJam 2018. Currently it's a showcase of it's full potential. As you read it, we are already in a process of making a full-fledged title out of it. "

That's what they said in the description, so this is almost definitely either a demo or prototype version of the game.


Looks cool! To bad I don't have windows. From the looks of it part of the fun is to find out what you have to do in this game. I tried this with my new puzzle game but it was way to difficult for people to figure out. So I now explain what everything does. Hat off too you if you don’t need to explain much!


man! I like these type of experimental games ! the second last puzzle where its dark and still u have to walk was the toughest for me :) its an amazing game


lol he delete chat


-Made a Video. (Old Video)

-The Game: 01:35 (The 2nd Game)

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Fajna gierka, w sam raz na odprężenie się. Idea prosta, a zaskakująca. Czekam na dalsze poziomy 😀. Pozdrawiam 


Interesting concept with an amazing mood. I liked the minimalist aesthetic and background story because I understand the main idea - I am just crazy, loosing my mind, trying to solve inexplicable things. Really too short (6 minutes) so as to define what could be a full game, but I loved this project. I want more ++

Deleted 3 years ago

A neat little game with an interesting concept on puzzle solving , the demo here lacks a few things like a story , some narrative / voice acting and have more things to interact with but as you say in your description you are working on a full fledged game so you are already aware of most of the downfalls, it will be interesting to see all the improvements once the game is released.

 Maybe there could be a new trailer/teaser on what is to come next.

I featured this on my compilation it is the second video in.


We want to play more stages!


still less glitchy than Fallout 76 10/10 - IGN


i thought it was a pretty cool game  thanks for making it , stay awesome 

It was really fun !! but short


It was interesting, and It kinda blew my mind...


honestly so fun, and after the second room I had to go get my sister to play and watch her reaction. Short but super.


Somehow my brain was twisted and turned inside out all at once. It was enjoyable.


Its very interesting to say the least, melts your brain


Played your game in an indie romp. the glitchy effects were incredibly satisfying. Hope you enjoy

Your game starts at 9:52

Cool visual game but the motion blur hurts

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I get that this game uses the concept of glitches but I think that I broke the game for real. I don't think you are suppose to be able to fly around the map. Down below is the video but other than breaking it the concept was super cool. 

Congratulation! Maybe you just found the real ending, or maybe it's just a bug... or a glitch... you never know :)


Lol thanks, I'll take it as the true ending for now.


This was cool, can't wait to see more. I hope you consider a VR version too, that would be seriously trippy.

If only this was a real phobia. 

i raged at this 


Hi!! Are you open to talk about your creation process of your game design? Im a video game student from Montreal, Canada and Im doing a research on video game design. We can do it during  a couple of weeks to talk about your game and give it some visibility in the database of my research group for others who want to learn more about original design!


Hi @movelord, may I have your email? I have few questions about Montreal city. I'm a game developer in India and I'm moving to Montreal in January to do a Video Game Program in a college. I have no friends there so I just needed a little help regarding the gaming industry over there. Thanks


Yes sure! You can write at tremblay.maxime15@gmail.com! Little tips for you about the weather, bring some hot clothes because it can be freezing during january and february, I mean -40 degrees (celsius)


Hi. Sorry for let you waiting so long for the answer, had been really busy lately. I will send you email from ar**op.com on email you provided below.

That was Sickening to play,

all the while being fun.

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