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Immerse yourself into unstable reality.
In order to get out you must exploit glitch in a world around you.
You can be sure of one thing, any rules you known no longer exist!!
Do you have a courage to dip in it?

The Glitchphobia  was created in one week during Epic MegaJam 2018. Currently it's a showcase of it's full potential. As you read it, we are already in a process of making a full-fledged title out of it. 

All yours feedback and support means a lot to us! You can also follow us on Twitter  to be up to date with the full version of the Glitchphobia . 

ApplyDamage team members:

  • Krystian Komisarek - Code
  • Łukasz Purcelewski - Code
  • Jakub Janik - Animation
  • Justyna Leszczyńska "Kiao" - Art


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I get that this game uses the concept of glitches but I think that I broke the game for real. I don't think you are suppose to be able to fly around the map. Down below is the video but other than breaking it the concept was super cool. 

Congratulation! Maybe you just found the real ending, or maybe it's just a bug... or a glitch... you never know :)

Lol thanks, I'll take it as the true ending for now.

This was a interesting game. Was most definitely confused the entire time while playing XD Also made a video on it.

This was cool, can't wait to see more. I hope you consider a VR version too, that would be seriously trippy.

If only this was a real phobia. 

i raged at this 

Hi!! Are you open to talk about your creation process of your game design? Im a video game student from Montreal, Canada and Im doing a research on video game design. We can do it during  a couple of weeks to talk about your game and give it some visibility in the database of my research group for others who want to learn more about original design!

Hi @movelord, may I have your email? I have few questions about Montreal city. I'm a game developer in India and I'm moving to Montreal in January to do a Video Game Program in a college. I have no friends there so I just needed a little help regarding the gaming industry over there. Thanks

Yes sure! You can write at tremblay.maxime15@gmail.com! Little tips for you about the weather, bring some hot clothes because it can be freezing during january and february, I mean -40 degrees (celsius)

Hi. Sorry for let you waiting so long for the answer, had been really busy lately. I will send you email from ar**op.com on email you provided below.

That was Sickening to play,

all the while being fun.

Very interesting game.

holy moly


Won't work :/


Are you crazy enough to use your imagination? 

Awsome ! thank you !

This game was wonderful and trippy as all BALLS  :D

Thanks for the mind F*UK :)

Oh god, what a hell of a torture.

Do not think about it, download and try it.

This was a very intriguing game. I loved how trippy it was and how it defied physics. I also loved the fact that the end of it kind of made me feel like someone watching was saying, "No matter what you do, no matter what glitches you find and exploit, you'll never break free and you'll be stuck in this continuous loop for all eternity.

I loved the concept of the game and the puzzles weren't difficult at all which I enjoyed too. Hope to see more content like this soon because I think it has potential to have more in it. Great job!




Intresting game. fun to play and figure out. the only issue that I found is that there is no way to know exactly when it ends other than it looping back to the begining. I thought I did something wrong and it restarted me. So yeah other than that it was pretty good. :) 


Very cool. Would love to see the full game you make out of the concept!


I'm just another person playing this cool game... 

Let me know what you think!


Really great game. The games that mess with your mind are some of my favorite. Fantastic stuff!





love the game really triped me out. like the puzzles to very interesting. i hope there is more to come of this game i would love  to play more!!


Really cool game! Very trippy, It was very fun to play with my siblings


really confusing but cool!


Its the third game

I couldnt figure out the what is it 4th puzzle? sides I couldnt go on after THAT of all things scared me....


The game was clever!  I liked the idea for this to!  


What a weird/amazing/mind bending game this is! Thanks and hats off to the creator! Respect like! Really hope you do a full version because it was insane! I recently did gameplay of this on my channel, Let me know what you think guys and how I can improve myself and the channel. Thanks for the love 😁👊🏼🐶 


Loved it guys!

Wow! First congratulation for the work on this game! Had a great amount of time playing, loved the trippyness of it! keep it up! 

Have you considered participating in our Game Developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

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I'm really glad that you enjoyed the game and thank you very much for the invitation. It would be great to participate in yours competition, we will certainly apply :)


Whoa. Super trippy.


Really enjoyed the experience although it did hurt my brain a little lol. I'm really interested in seeing a full length version of the game I feel like you all did a great job in just one week of development!


oᴉ˙ɥɔʇᴉ uo sǝɯɐƃ ʇsǝq ǝɥʇ ɟo ǝuo 'dᴉɹʇ ɐ ʇɐɥʍ


I didn't read description, just started playing. And this was really cool experience! So..waiting for full version. I hope my viewers will wait too.


Noice showcase.

First, sober playthrough was super cool, albeit short, though I understand this is a demo.

Second, ~non sober~ playthrough... Well, I had to go lie down after. :D

(1 edit)

you lost the opportunity of naming it glitchophobia, m8 D:


This game would be absolutely amazing in vr!

This is a really trippy game! I'm surprised that it was made in a week, the graphics are amazing and it's a pretty neat idea. I'd love to play a longer game of this.

This is a very trippy and original game. It was made in a week which makes the game very short but still enjoyable. The graphics are magnificent and there are interesting perspectives! I would really like a full game like this!


We are working on full game, and already have some new levels, I won't say anything that will spoil you the fun, but I can assure you that they will be even more amazing and more twisted that you can imagine :) We are also posting teasers of new levels from time to time on our twitter account.  Head to https://twitter.com/Apply_Damage/ 

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